• Tolls will take toll on R.I.

    We should applaud Gov. Gina Raimondo for recognizing the importance of fixing our crumbling Rhode Island infrastructure. No one, particularly a state looking to grow jobs, ever reached prosperity through deferred maintenance. More typically, the state of an economy mirrors the conditions of its roads, bridges and other public facilities. Many of ours have been deplorable for far too long.

  • Securing the Future

    Since buying The Claflin Co. in 1976, Ted Almon has taken it from near closing to a $200 million medical-products supplier that employs more than 200. This week, however, it isn't growth that he's focused on.

  • The Healthcare Supply Chain in the Era of Reform

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  • Ted Almon: R.I. should avoid Medicaid cuts

    Before the Raimondo administration addresses Rhode Island's budget deficit, we really should determine how much can really be saved by cutting Medicaid, one of the state’s largest expenses. My case here will be that such savings are clearly not dollar for dollar, and in fact may be ill considered or even illusory.

  • How Health Policy and Politics intersect

    I occasionally contribute thoughts to this Op-Ed page on the subject of health reform. I try to be disciplined about limiting my comments to a subject I know well, having studied it for a quarter century or so. Inevitably though, health policy becomes political at some point, and it is at this confluence that most of the confusion arises.


    The debate over funding for Rhode Island’s successful health insurance exchange, HealthSource RI, just doesn’t seem to go away. I have written in support of the exchange on several occasions in the past, summoning the most pragmatic business arguments I could muster. To me, the exchange is akin to other technology solutions we often invest in for our business to operate more efficiently. Yes, they cost money up front, but they ultimately provide savings through enhanced productivity.