• A Call for Real Health Care Reform

    A new report on charity care and bad debt rising at Rhode Island's hospitals should come as no surprise to employers like our company that have elected any of a variety of new health benefits described as "consumer-directed," soon to include the much-heralded health savings accounts or HSAs. The reason providers are having so much difficulty collecting is no mystery, and it has little to do with any substantial increase in care to the truly indigent.

  • Governor Carcieri/Chris Koller Initiative for Healthcare Reform

    On October 3, 2005 the Governor announced his agenda for providing affordable healthcare coverage for Rhode Islanders. Many of us have been briefed on the major points in earlier sessions with Chris Koller, the principal architect of the plan. Certainly we should all be gratified that the issue is finally being brought to the fore. It seemed also appropriate to me that we reflect on something of a gut level to the initiative as a baseline for future discussion.