• Health costs in R.I. are still too high

    I am glad to see the discussion about making health care more affordable continue on these Commentary pages. Few issues are as fundamental to the economic health of Rhode Island as reining in the incredible burden of health costs on our citizens and businesses. These high costs create so much friction on free enterprise that they stifle job growth and undermine the financial security of families.

  • Why we must save HealthSource RI

    Ted Almon: Why we must save HealthSource RI
    May 29, 2014 01:00 AM
    Providence Journal

    Stopping HealthSource RI, Rhode Island’s uniquely successful health insurance exchange, to save money would be like stopping your watch to save time. Let me explain briefly why this new intransigence to provide adequate funding to the exchange is utterly foolish.

  • It’s not if, rather how to make health care reform work

    It’s not if, rather how to make health care reform work

    Guest Column:
    Ted Almon

  • United's Medicare Maneuver

    Ken Belcher, CEO of CharterCARE Health Partners in Providence seemed justifiably perplexed by United Healthcare’s recent decision to slash hundreds of Rhode Island physicians from its Medicare Advantage Plan. (United should reverse its risky decision 1/8/14) Indeed it seems a strange move on the surface, and Mr. Belcher goes on to outline the hardship it would cause seniors who choose to remain in the plan while encouraging the company to reconsider. Neither eventuality is likely.

  • Are the savings real, or are they an avoidance of future cost increases?

    Convergence RI
    Posted 11/25/13

    Ted Almon, president and CEO of the Claflin Company, and co-chair of the executive committee of HealthRIght, shared his public comments he wrote about the state's SHIP proposal

    WARWICK – I have no argument with the accuracy of Millman’s actuarial projection of the future trends in health costs. I just don’t think they are a reasonable baseline from which to forecast what we are calling “savings.”

  • Does employer-sponsored health coverage make sense?

    Providence Business News: Guest Column
    Ted Almon

    It was recently announced that the “large employer mandate” provision of the Affordable Care Act has been postponed for a year, until 2015.