• Health-exchange legislation must pass this session

    OPINION - The message from the business community to assembled legislators and state officers could not have been more clear in January at the Small Business Administration’s Summit meeting.

  • Cutting Medicaid doesn’t really save R.I. any money

    From the Feb 14, 2011 edition
    OPINION - Here’s the truth. Eliminating part or all of Medicaid will not save us money unless we intend to stop treating the people who will be affected. Thus, as long as we require our hospitals to treat everyone who shows up in their emergency departments, the most expensive form of care possible, then reducing Medicaid coverage is merely shifting these costs around at the same time we are increasing them.

  • Public Health Insurance exchange. Business should weigh in.

    Today I have a message of high importance for the small business community. Your best chance for relief from ever-escalating health insurance rates will soon present itself, and it will face wilting opposition. But make no mistake, a broad and strong health insurance exchange is a cause we must all embrace, support and defend.

  • Healthcare Reform; check. Now what?

    April 6, 2010
    If you have missed my periodic contributions to this space of late, or on the other hand, perhaps been grateful for their absence, it is because I was holding my breath during the final moments of the reform debate. Like many of the wonderful March Madness contests, we have arrived at an outcome after much drama. Some people are happy about it and others are not. Why should that be a surprise?

  • Health reform should examine brokers’ fees, too

    From the Feb 8, 2010 edition
    OPINION - At some point as we put the health care cost puzzle together, we will come to a significant piece that doesn’t seem to fit easily into the picture. It is the estimated $24 million that Rhode Island employers pay to insurers to cover the fees and commissions they pay to brokers. As we have seen from recent comments in this very space, the broker community is organized and ready to defend its profitable place at the health care trough.

  • Health care end game must have Medicare component

    From the Dec 21, 2009 edition
    OPINION - I can certainly excuse my business brethren for having trouble keeping up with the health reform debate still unfolding in Washington, D.C. It is only through the most persistent attention I can muster, fueled by the powerful self-interest of being part of the health care industry, that I have been able to keep up. And what a trip it has been.