• Push for perfection paralyzes health care reform

    OPINION - Many conservatives and especially their libertarian cousins are apoplectic over the idea that the government may mandate them to buy health insurance. On one level I see their point.

  • Health care Claflin’s business, responsibility

    Posted Sept 28, 2009
    By Brandie Jefferson
    Contributing Writer

    For 192 years, a Rhode Island-based, hospital-logistics company has held its own in an industry associated with monolithic, national companies.

  • Health care discussion should be a debate, not a brawl

    OPINION - Whether it is health care reform or the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, a discussion can devolve into an argument, and when emotions run high, even further into mayhem.

  • Public health insurance? Business should weigh in

    OPINION - The health care reform debate currently on full boil in Congress holds significant ramifications for the business community. Let’s just look at what may be the central issue in the reform debate: whether the government should offer a public health insurance plan available to all.

  • Are health insurers today’s buggy-whip manufacturers?

    OPINION - On a recent trip through the picturesque Berkshires, my wife and I stopped for dinner in the surprisingly downtrodden town of Westfield, Mass.
    It turns out Westfield is a poster child for the iconic phrase for obsolescence, “buggy-whip factory.” Proud architecture combines with empty storefronts to show just how far “Whip City” has fallen. And the combination got me to thinking about health insurance.

  • Today’s boogeyman doesn’t wear a union coat

    OPINION - For much of my early business career I shared a common nightmare with many other small-business owners and managers. What was waking me up in the wee hours was a fear my company’s work force might become unionized.