• Politicians should wield ax on themselves to fix budget

    Posted Apr. 21, 2008

    I have been writing in this space for several years now, sticking scrupulously to my topic of health care reform.

  • Cuts to Medicaid would be borne by business owners

    Posted Mar. 3, 2008
    Cuts to Medicaid would be borne by business owners
    Guest Column: Ted Almon
    By now, we all know of the budget situation facing our state. Certainly some tough decisions and belt-tightening are inevitable and appropriate - but do the substantial cuts Gov. Donald L. Carcieri has proposed to the state's Medicaid and RIteCare programs help or hurt the business situation we are facing?
  • Health insurance may make small business buy as one

    Posted Jan. 21, 2008
    What is an MEWA and can it help us with the cost of health insurance?
    The Employers Association - a century-old but rather low-profile trade group - has been holding meetings around the state recently to introduce smaller businesses to the concept of a Multiple Employer Welfare Association, or MEWA, which it touts as a potential alternative to traditional employer-sponsored health plans.
  • Community Hospital Task Force

    January 7, 2008

    Public comment on the Preliminary Draft Report of the Community Hospital Task Force by Ted Almon

  • Public Comment on Proposed Medicaid Cuts in RI

    December 11, 2007

    First, let me make it clear I am not here to be critical of the Governor or the administration. I believe they face a particularly vexing problem in balancing the State budget and are earnestly seeking the most practical and humanitarian solutions. I also realize that we are reacting to a recommendation from the Dept. of Human Services not yet adopted into the budget proposal expected in January.

  • Why RI can't mimic MA Health Reform

    As the healthcare reform discussion advances on many fronts in our State, there is increasing focus on the program in place in our neighbor to the north. As the MA plan passes its first birthday, it is increasingly seen as a bold and broad effort toward the goals all States seek in their healthcare systems, universal coverage at an affordable cost.