• JIT

    Considered a pioneer in the adaptation of the now widely accepted Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory techniques to the acute care marketplace, Claflin considers its leadership in Stockless Material Management a core competence and a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • LES Product Management Program

    Laparoscopic, endoscopic and suture management The LES Program is a scheduled physical count, to account for costly and sensitive surgical supplies, confirming on-hands and current usage.

  • Claflin 360 device

    Hand Held Technology

    Claflin 360 offers the newest in Hand Held Technology. Our handheld technology Increases Revenue, Cut Costs, and allows you to Gain Control.

  • Hospital Procurement Study

    Claflin offers comprehensive procurement studies for its customers.

  • Claflin Vision

    Claflin provides customers with business intelligence tools that uncover pertinent information and allow for informed decisions to be made at a glance. Call for more information.