We manufacture specialty formulations for industrial and consumer applications:  medical, pet, pool & spa, home care, personal care, municipal/industrial odor control, enzyme ingredient and road/soil stabilization.  Our formulations are a blend of natural by-products & protein components derived from a complex fermentation process of selected plant extracts, mineral nutrients and surfactant technology.

As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to add custom scents or provide unscented options based on your preferences,  offer concentrates and volume discounts depending on your supply needs. Our goal is to offer excellent, safe, cost- effective products that will support your quality care and green goals.

Nature Plus is privately owned, with administrative, marketing, formulation and fermentation facilities in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.  Since the incorporation of Nature Plus in 1991, the company has marketed branded and private labeled enzyme based formulations through direct sales and a growing network of domestic and international distributors and specialty marketing companies.