To Run or Not To Run

By Jonathan Buchanan
IT Operations Manager – Claflin Company
June 15, 2018


Men’s Health Week, celebrated annually during the week ending on Father’s Day as recognized in the USA, honors the importance of the Health and awareness for men & boys.

To Run or Not To Run: That is the question.

Answer: Well that’s easy: IT’S YOUR CHOICE, just walk if you want!

“Why do you run?” is the most common question asked of any runner, professional or not.  Some say they like the competition, comradery, they want to get in shape, stay in shape, or maybe they made a bet with themselves (or lost a bet with a friend!). This is a very difficult question to answer because your motivation/goals change as your body changes. I started running when I was a chubby little 11-year-old that had come across a treadmill and wanted to make some changes. Eventually I graduated to running outside where it wasn’t just about dropping weight, but how far could I go and of how fast can I be.

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Over the years I became comfortable pounding the pavement and met several different runners who taught me quite a bit. They pointed out things I was doing right and explained how I could improve in other areas. The whole experience was eye opening, humbling and very helpful to say the least. My encounters with the running community forced me to look at what I was doing from a different perspective. Initially I wanted to run faster and further, but the question is: How do I accomplish this safely? I guess I have some work to do!

“Outdoor walking is flat-out less tedious than slogging away on the treadmill—external factors like the weather, birds, and sounds could help distract you from the draining effects of exercise, like feeling tired or bored.”

These are some of my favorite Races to do because you can run or walk and kids are welcome. Not only are these great races but behind many of them is a noble cause, raising money to help with problems in communities, diseases, disabilities and ailments.

  • Free to Breath 5k – Run for Lung Cancer. This was my first Race, setting me on my path to many more.
  • Newport Pell Bridge (4 Miles) Benefitting Various Charities. You take a beautiful path that leads you over the Newport bridge from Jamestown.
  • Newport 5k (Various community-based efforts) Easton’s Beach, with a beautiful view
  • CVS Health downtown Providence. Great run/walk through the city of Providence.
  • BoldrDash OCR (Obstacle Course Race). Run/Walk and Climb (optional) obstacles. This is for those who want to build their endurance both physically and mentally, but also for anyone who wants to have a really fun day running the obstacle course with friends and family!

The next race I’m currently Training for is the Blessing of the Fleet 10 MILE road race which supports Various Community based efforts.

One thing I do understand and respect is that we are all different with various lifestyles and limits to the time available to us in a day.

The goal is to find your own way to get moving; it’s not about intensity, it’s about consistency.

If you don’t like to run, try walking.

If you don’t like to walk, jump on a bicycle or roller blades.

Just a little throughout the week will benefit you in so many ways both in the short and long term. Whatever activity you choose make sure to change it up: if you keep it too routine it can become a burden and you may not want to continue.

If you have the option, perform your work out activity with others. There is no better motivator, confidence builder and distraction than someone you know taking the journey with you.

Lastly, keep your goals realistic and attainable. It’s OKAY if you don’t have a specific goal in mind other than you want to be active (but if you want one I can help you out: Keep the doctor away!) Nailed it!


Hope you find your path with a beautiful view!

Happy Running!






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