Glow Ball
October 2017
Author: Meaghan Almon
The WIN (Women in Need) Program was established in 2014 at Kent Hospital to support women who are diagnosed with cancer. Often, women face financial difficulties while undergoing treatment and cannot meet their financial responsibilities. At times they need financial assistance with daily living costs such as food, medication, medical equipment, rent and utilities.

The WIN Program was established to assist patients who may need financial assistance while they navigate the difficult journey of cancer treatment. The WIN program is completely funded through donations and passes 100% of the revenue collected on to the patients.

The Almon family became aware of the WIN program in 2015 when Meaghan was receiving treatments for breast cancer. At that time the program was still very new and growing in an attempt to help support the women who needed it most.

Together with the staff at Kent Hospital, the Almon family came up with the idea to have a Glow Ball tournament to raise money for WIN. The family approached Warwick Country Club and asked if they could host the event to benefit WIN. The Board of Warwick CC quickly agreed and generously donated all the food for the event. With the entire family working together (Bill, Katie, Bill, Kinda, Dan, and Krystina) as well as many other family and friends the first event was a huge success and raised more money in one night than WIN had previously been operating with.

Glow Ball is exactly what it sounds like, a golf outing played in the dark with light up balls. The course is shortened and illuminated with glow sticks for direction and provides a truly unique and enjoyable golfing experience. It has become the “can’t miss” event on the WCC golf calendar.

WIN has been able to expand the service that they offer since Glow Ball started three years ago. Last year WIN fed 24 families complete Thanksgiving dinners. At Christmas WIN gave out over 100 gift cards for food and gifts to patient families. These are just a few small things WIN has done to help the women and families who need it most.

Glow Ball just completed its 3rd year and I am happy to say it was the most successful event to date.

Thank you to my family for all the help and support as I would not be able to do this without them.

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