• A Rich Man in a Poor Country

    There’s a funny thing about the wealth for which we all strive so obsessively in our society. Does it have absolute or just relative value? Is our wealth worth so much to us because of the overall climate of prosperity that exists around us?

  • The strong case for an unbalanced state budget

    To people operating a stable business, the idea of balancing the budget makes good sense. There are times though, when it cannot be done or could be a grievous mistake to try.

  • What’s taking the Lifespan/CNE merger so long?

    It is now well over a year (October ’07) since I wrote glowingly in this space about the proposed merger of Rhode Island’s two leading healthcare networks, Lifespan and Care New England. If it was as good an idea as I described then, some might be wondering why it hasn’t happened yet. So am I.

  • BCBSRI-CNE skirmish could lead to improvement

    Posted Nov 17, 2008

    As a somewhat bemused business community observes the very public contract dispute between Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and the Care New England hospitals – Kent, Women & Infants and Butler – a true picture emerges of just how wasteful and dysfunctional the free-market parts of our health care system have become.

  • Competition may not solve insurance ills

    Posted Aug 4, 2008

    Employers in Rhode Island who believe that more competitors in the health insurance market here will relieve their spiraling health-benefit costs should be happy to learn of the decision by Tufts Health Plan of Massachusetts to enter the market, probably sometime this fall.

  • Warwick and health care - all is not as it seems to be

    Posted Jun 23, 2008

    Warwick and health care - all is not as it seems to be

    They say no good deed goes unpunished. I believe it.