• Ted Almon Supports Health Insurance Commissioner

    Speaking on behalf of HealthRIght, a coalition promoting health care reform, Ted Almon, CEO of Claflin Co., said last week that re-engineering the health care delivery system is essential to contro

  • Almon Recognized as Grassroots Champion

    Cranston, R.I.

  • JCAHO Accredited

    The Claflin Company is one of the oldest Rhode Island based home care companies starting in 1976. Once a retail business......

  • ISO Certified

    The Claflin Company became the healthcare distribution industry's first ISO Certified firm in February of 1998.

  • NESHMM Vendor of the Year

    The Claflin Company has been selected as the vendor of the year for the New England Society for Healthcare Materials Management for 2004.

  • ABCO Member Award Member of the Year

    Based on its support of and participation of NDC programs, Claflin was awarded one of three 2006 ABCO Member of the Year Award.