“My organization, Claflin Company, has a 200-year-rich history in Rhode Island. Established as the Joseph Balch Company in Providence in 1817, it evolved to J.B. & Son until 1873, when George L. and Arthur W. Claflin acquired it and dubbed it the George L. Claflin Company. The family grew it to become one of the leading apothecaries and retail druggists in all of New England. But that was just the beginning.

Why has Claflin Company, a business that started out as a single shop, stood the test of time, enduring to become one of the medical distribution industry’s leading independent firms? To me, it comes down to that one word that realtors seem to be so fond of: location. The fact that this company has its roots in Rhode Island and continues to call Rhode Island home is key to its ability to last—contracting and rethinking during lean years (e.g., the Great Depression) and innovating and growing when the time was right.” …continue reading

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